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Liquid soap and lotion (we also have the matching milk bath).

Light rose scent, not overpowering but gently stays on your skin. perfect for everyday use, and the Shea Butter is so good for your skin.      


Lotion and soap combo - great companions ..very relaxing to sooth the tensions of the day away. Made with Shea Butter, not only relaxes you but makes your skin feel so good.

Be kind and treat yourself !


Found in so many homes all across the UK and Scotland.    You will find the delightful clean smell appeals to both men and women...

Each bar is 100g...




Bath Foam of Rose Water and Jasmine so delightful and compliments the Liquid soap and Shea Butter Lotions in the same delightful scent..... not a perfume but the subtle fragrance lingers on your skin. and you will delight in the softness.


Our Men's line of Spa products - so good for your skin but not "girlie", All Natural Shower Scrub is a real winner - especially if teamed with our Soap for Men and Shea Butter Lotion for men.

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