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Sturdy clan crest kilt pin. Made in Scotland of pewter.  We consider this clasp closure one of the best on the market -- not as easy to lose from the kilt!  Select your clan or provide your name when ordering so we can determine which Clan association.



This stunning Claddagh kilt pin has a swirl of gold with enameled Shamrock flag.  The true spirit of Ireland is depicted in this beauty.  A great addition to any kilt.  Made in the UK.  Pewter and enamel.  


Show your Scottish price with this beautiful kilt pin with entwined thistle and Saltire flag. Flag is finished is blue enamel, remainder of pin is set in pewter.  Made in the UK.

Generally in stock but can be 3 weeks for delivery. 

Made in Scotland, this stunning pewter Highland Coo kilt pin is available in 3 finishes: Matte, polished, or chocolate brown. Pair with a matching sporran and buckle!

Made in Scotland, this kilt pin represents the national symbol of Wales. The dragon is one of the earliest ‘national’ emblems to emerge in the British Isles, first being mentioned in around the year 829. In that famous story King Vortigern’s attempts to build a castle at Dinas Emrys are mysteriously foiled, until the boy Merlin reveals that two dragons are fighting below the ground – a red dragon and a white dragon. Freed from the ground, the red dragons triumphs over the white, and this was interpreted to foretell of the eventual victory of the Britons over the Anglo-Saxons.

Size 94mm long.  Made from lead free pewter.  Generally in stock.


Made in Scotland, this kilt pin is inspired from The Book of Kells which reflects the finest piece of Insular Art from the Early Middle Ages. Started on the Scottish island of Iona and probably finished at Kells in Ireland, this magnificent work of beauty was made around the year 800 against the backdrop of Viking raiding. 

98mm in length.  Pewter finished in antique silver. Allow 4 weeks for delivery of your kilt pin should it be out of stock when ordering.

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