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A small number of custom items are made here in the store, Key Chains, Wood plques/ornaments, glasses etc School logo, Coat of Arms, Clan Badges etc. etc.

Custom Key Chains  in light brown durable leatherette l(photo to come shortly) can be ordered - we respectfully request if you order at least 3 it is more efficient. $7.95 ea 3 or a dozen will ship for the same postage. You can mix names - do not all need to be same surname.

Don't forget to tell us what name or names you need...


Beautiful embroidery with your Coat of Arms.  Wash well, Lasts for years. Ideal for Gift Giving.

Make sure you have the correct size, color and spelling of the name.

black, green, or white

2X + $2.00

3X + $4.00


10 1/2" x 13" approx. this custom clock is a stunner,  Done as a Clan Badge or with your Coat of Arms every one is unique but sure to please.  Lead time approx 2 -3 weeks Written order with exact wording if custom message required.


This Tan Leather style fabric clock is custom engraved (engraving of your choice).  The tan engraves black.  It's sleek style fits into all design decor's.  Birthdays, weddings, anniversary, awards, house warming etc. etc. etc.  Lead time 2 weeks.


This clock - brand new product - covered in hardwearing black leather style fabric, custom engraved with your Coat of Arms or Clan Badge or design of your choice......Black engraves Gold.  or Brown engraves to black. This simple yet stunning design will fit into any decor or even can be given as an award...Sure to give years of service and be admired by all.   Lead time approx. 2 weeks   


Custom Coat of Arms plaque - hand painted in Ireland. a Genuine heirloom item.....doubles also available $225.  3-4 weeks for delivery.


Printed history on beautiful parchment paper.  Embroidered Coat of Arms and certificate of authenticity - all matted and framed in an heirloom gilt frame.  Custom and of the highest quality.

Delivery time on this item is 2 -3 weeks.


Beautiful woven 50"x 60" throw, produced here in the United States. Shows both the Coat of Arms and Clan Badge for Scottish names - when you just can't decide which one you want! Custom order - we need to tell you the lead time is 3 -4 weeks,   The demo picture shows a white background but the throw is more of a grey tone due to the multiple threads used to produce the image. These are CUSTOM made - therefore you can have what you want single CoA or Clan Badge, Husband and Wife (great wedding or anniversary gift), Presentation for 25th or 50th Anniversary, Retirement - for the dog if you want!  They wash beautifully, and are very hard wearing.


A New product, the woven Coat of Arms Throw is a generous 50" x 60" and woven for you in the USA.   Lead time for this Custom Item is 3-4 weeks, 

The picture shows white background image but the blanket is more of a multi background, because of the multiple colored threads used to produce it. a three layer  cotton throw - fully washable - lasts for years.

2X L M S XL 3X

Embroidered Shirts (Coat of Arms or Clan Crest).  black only

Perfect gift to wear with Pride.


Are you working on your Family Tree?  Two coats of arms, family tree for four generations. No we don't do that - you have to supply that yourself. A great idea as you research and find the correct info is to print the names on clear mailing labels, not seen in the sleeve or under glass of the frame.



Custom Order.   Matted Gilt frame.  Embroidered Coat of Arms, 

His and Hers Coat of Arms richly embroidered on black background, matted and framed in beautiful gilt frame. A true family heirloom

Turn around time approx. 2-3  weeks - longer before Christmas..

Don't forget to give us the names you want!!  and date if wanted...


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