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Every bear has a custom outfit all made by Marjorie.  For over 30 years she has been dressing bears in family tartans.  We have a fairly large stock of tartans available but we don't have them all.  Once your bear is ordered, we will check our stock for availability.  If we don't have the tartan, then an additional $20 will be required so that we can order what is needed.  You can make a note about your tartan selection in the notes at checkout. 

Boy bear (shown on the left) - is dressed in a kilt, vest, sporran, hat and fly plaid on the shoulder. Bears are 10" .  Stands not available (12" bears and stands are available for an extra charge. Please call)

Girl bear - is dressed in her national dance outfit which is a full skirt, vest, and sash on the shoulder.  No stand is required as she sits perfectly.

Since each bear is unique there will be variations to hat colors, vest colors, brooches, sporrans -- but we know you will love the finished product knowing that it has been hand prepared for you. As these are Custom orders there is a 2 week delay getting them - But well worth it!!


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