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Available in both long tie and self tie bow tie. $2.50 from each tie is donated to the local Masonic Lodge for their Charity Account.

At this moment there are 4 self ties bow ties available and 1 cummerbund.


Masonic pride with this kilt belt buckle,  available in chrome or antiqued.  Lasts a life time and looks great with your kilt.


Every kilt needs a kilt pin, and this one is a great addition to your kilt pin wardrobe.  Great price and tasteful


Finish off your dress outfit with Masonic Accessories.  Sporran - with sporran chain -kilt pin, buckle - chrome or antique.  We have the items you want and need, at good prices.   Perfect gifts for the Mason in your life too.


We have a couple in stock, some Sport's kilt some AmeriKilt (solid color)  Fit 2-4 year olds (depends on size of course).

We also have a couple of larger kilts from $60 (probably fit 4 year old) Campbell and Royal Stewart


Made to measure and "off the rack" jackets. These are Special Order and can take 6 weeks to get here from Scotland - Yes! that's exactly were they come from.....Beautifully Tailored from one of Scotland's premier suppliers of Highland Attire.

larger sizes have a small surcharge.


Made to measure from over 500 tartans. Traditional 5 to 9 yard kilts - includes the "flashes" (for holding your socks up!) when ordering remember they are made IN SCOTLAND  from SCOTTISH wool.  Lead time is 6 to 8 weeks - depends on when you order.    Special Event ?  Order in plenty of time.  We do prefer you come to us to be measured.....BUT it this is really out of the question (one gentleman from Florida needed a Wedding Kilt). We can talk you through it..... You Can Not Measure Yourself....:)

 from $450  Call us or come into Celtic Tides and we can guide you on your kilt journey. So many choices - let's see what you need.




Beautiful White Pony Dress Sporran, with chrome cantle....

Wonderful addition to any outfit. Leather, Made In Scotland....

Sporran chain included.....Specially made for us- must be ordered.


Beautiful Black Pony Sporran with enamel cantle - thistle design, smart modern look to your dress outfit or just because you like it!

Sporran chain (belt included). Leather, made in Scotland.

If out of stock please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Lovely Day Sporran, Black, Made in Scotland  - leather.  Embossed with stud work..... very Celtic and great addition to any outfit!  Sporran Chain (belt) is included.



Pewter Cap Badges available for most Clans and some Irish families. Made  with care in Scotland.

If not in stock please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 


Made to measure

call for prices, made to order - wait time 6 weeks


Made to measure. Mae in Scotland from New Wool - woven over there too. The genuine article. Over 500 tartans available.

from $300.00


Made to measure . Over 500 tartans to choose from.   like the gentlemen's kilts , only lighter- lead time is approx. 6 weeks.  Tailored in Scotland by our kilt maker.

from $350.00


Made to measure In Scotland (photo shows a Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket). Our kilt and Highland Dress tailors have years and years of experience and have made hundreds of thousands of garments.  

Come in or call and chat about what you need for that special outfit.

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