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Lovely necklace - everyone unique - one size fits all.  Everyone loves Heathergems....

Every piece is one of a kind.


Beautiful Silver plate bangle - one size fits all - Oval Heathergems stone, everyone is unique.  Great Gift at a modest price point. Where else can you find one of a kind jewelry this beautiful.?


Every Heathergem piece is one of a kind.. We are just as surprised when we open the boxes to see what colors are available now, we can request a color range - but they are not gtd'd....But all are beautiful.  This brooch is large enough to put on your coat or wrap, but not HUGE....  Each one prettier than the last....


Oh so cute for the Scottie lover or just like the unusual ... we can also order a Scottie Brooch - approx 2 week delivery time. All Heathergems come from Scotland.

Every piece of Heathergems -as always - One of a Kind.


From Heathergems, each piece unique and One of a Kind. Beautiful silver plated. Wear it Tree of Life side or reverse to see the stunning Heathergem disc.

We have no control over color - we are just as surprised when we open the box to see what has arrived....!


Silver plate, Heathergem Tree of Life bangle...everyone is One Of A Kind....On order, could take 2 weeks to come in.

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