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So different from American Fudge...Rich, smooth and creamy.

Subject to availability

For yourself or others..soooooo good!

On Backorder at the moment.


4 pack of individually wrapped cookies, great with a tea or coffee in a lunch box or just because.....


Cadbury's honeycomb center covered in wonderful Cadbury's chocolate.  A favorite from childhood,

Can't ship in hot weather.- we melt!


Digestive Cookies are so good when you need a little pick me up. 14 oz pack.


Old Time Irish Marmalade is a staple in most Irish homes, either the coarse cut or fine, but always delicious!  More tart than the Florida version - a little on your morning toast put a zing in your step as you start your day. 


Traditional Scottish "porridge" Oatmeal is made with steel cut pinhead oats.  Takes a wee bit longer to cook, but worth it! The nutty taste, so wholesome and delicious is also good for you and gets you ready to start your day.

Hamlyns Oatmeal comes in a eco-friendly BAG of 2.2 lbs.

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