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Shamrock Heart & Claddagh Pendant


This Heart Shamrock Claddagh Pendant is sterling silver, with touches of plated rose gold. It is based on the Celtic vine and includes the shamrock and all the elements of the Claddagh symbol. The Claddagh heart symbolizes love, the hand’s friendship and the crown loyalty. 

The name ‘shamrock’ comes from the Irish name “seamrog”, meaning little clover. The shamrock plant is recognised the world over as the badge of Ireland. It has been a symbol of Ireland since the 18th century.

The shamrock’s most direct link to the Irish people comes in the form of the legend of Saint Patrick bringing Christianity to Ireland. So according to legend, Saint Patrick explained the Christian Holy Trinity to the people of Ireland using the three leaves of the shamrock as a metaphor

Hallmarked at Dublin Castle and hand made in Ireland.


Weight: 2.1 grams approx.

Width: 22.4 mm approx.

Height: 27.3 mm approx.

Chain: 18″ Spiga


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