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On My Goodness....

We haven't done this for a while, but like most of you, after all the lock downs etc we really thought about life and said "OK time to slow things down and really enjoy what we do".   

Well that is all well and good in theory! But we continue to add things to our schedule - and find we are just as busy as ever!

One thing that is notable however, is the time it takes to get orders. Especially, custom orders, from Europe. We apologize, some orders are taking months longer than they have in the past.  Easy to blame the "other guy", but we also are trying to find other sources to secure these things for you.  However it is not always possible.    

So please bear with us, we are sending notifications if an item is delayed for some reason, but please feel free to contact us if you think you have waited too long - we totally understand.  

Meanwhile,  Happy Spring looking forward to brighter days.

PS these beautiful hand painted in Scotland glasses are called Aurora Boriolis 

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