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Plan an "At Home" Burns Supper for the Entire Family!

Burns Night  will certainly look a bit different this year. But, planning an “At Home” Robert Burns dinner could be fun for the entire family! Traditional Burns events are held in January around the birth of The Bard – January 25th.

Since so many of us are still under stay at home orders, we will be having our own at home Burns Dinner and thought we'd share some simple ideas of how you too can stay at home and still enjoy a fun Burns Supper.   An intimate gathering with a wonderful meal of haggis and mash and a few quotes from Burns poetry are sure to make a fun evening.  Add one of our special kilt packages to kick it up a notch! Or proudly wear a tartan tie or scarf to represent your heritage.

A traditional dinner will include Haggis, Neeps and Tatties!  This could be the main meal or a starter.  One of our previous blogs has the Ode to the Haggis and a recipe for making your own haggis (which can easily be frozen if you make the full recipe).   At a formal dinner, the haggis would be piped into the room by a solo bagpiper on a beautiful tray for all to see.  An easy at home version is a CD with pipe music on it or simply stream bagpiping music while you dine.

The Address to the Haggis is important, although I will say that Burns does write in old Scots dialect, which is not easy to pronounce, even for the best of Scots.  Not to worry, no one will know any different.  Give it your best shot and have a few laughs.  You can add a toast to the lassies using a quote from one of Burn’s poems such as ‘Green Grow the Rashes-O’.  A reply from the lassies to the lads would be appropriate with a few jokes. 

Sharing a wee dram – especially with your haggis – is another part of the evening event.  Take your toast up a notch by using a Quaich which is passed around the table, or one of our toasting shot glasses which are elegant and stylish. 

Another idea which could involve the whole family is making homemade shortbread using our ceramic shortbread molds (recipes included).  Making shortbread and delivering it to friends and family with a written Burns poem is another way to celebrate Robert Burns while keeping socially distanced.  

We created a special Robert Burns Collection on our website and have included many options and ideas for putting together your home event.  Or simply call the shop and we will happily help you create a fun and safe evening. We loved this fun article that originally was published on Serious Eats- enjoy this first hand account of past years frivolities!


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