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So how do you wear that Claddagh ring?

This question comes up quite often in the shop so I wanted to share the various options for wearing your ring and also the story behind the Claddagh ring as written by one of our Irish jewelry companies.  

The whisper of romance lingers within every Claddagh.

A gift of love, crafted in Ireland, it echoes a tale of devotion retold over the centuries. Once upon a time, so the story goes, a young Irish sailor was captured and sold into slavery. Far from his native land, he held the memory of his sweetheart deep in his heart. He never forgot her. Years later, on his safe return to Galway his gift to her was a Claddagh ring. Forged with the skills he had learnt during his imprisonment, it was a token of his enduring love. “With these hands I give you my heart, and I crown it with my love”. 

You can add your own chapter to the story even now by how you wear it.

On your right hand:

Worn on the ring finger with the heart facing outwards implies you are single and looking for love.

Worn with the heart facing inwards towards yours implies your heart is taken.

On your left hand:

Worn on the ring finger with the heart facing outwards implies you are engaged to be married.

Worn with the heart facing towards yours implies you are happily married.


We have many options for claddagh rings on our website and in the store.  All of our rings are made in Ireland and hallmarked at Dublin Castle.  



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