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What? You're Retiring...The BIG move

No matter what age you are, retirement can be a scary thing to think about.  But here we are doing just that, retiring and thinking can this really be happening?!

I suppose retirement is in the eyes of the beholder. We probably all have different ideas of what retirement would look like but no matter what, it is sad to think about the ending of an incredible and challenging journey and yet exciting to think about the future. It means leaving our friends, family, and yes, our wonderful customers -- it’s hard to think about. But all great things must come to an end at some point and there’s nothing better than having that ending be big!! 

20 years ago, I moved to San Diego to work in the shop full time and it never occurred to me that I would ever own the shop! After years of pouring all my time

Loganbearies at first event in 1989 - we look so young!

and tears into a passion for helping our customers choose the perfect kilt ensemble and putting smiles on so many faces, I did not think I would be in a place of contemplating retirement. As time marched on last year, COVID gave me plenty of time to put a new perspective on life and it just felt like the perfect time to close our doors. After a year off of Scottish Games I thought I would miss going back, but when the world opened back up again I realized just how exhausting the events had become. The hardest part was knowing that I would miss the friendships I gained, the customers that I met over the years, and the vendors that we worked with for over 30 years.  

So where to next?  Well, that is something I’m very excited about – I always wanted to move back to my birthplace and that is exactly the plan come March of 2022.  They always say your heart never leaves Scotland and I must agree.  With each visit I have made over the last 30 plus years, I am always sad to leave, and torn as I would shed tears as the plane took off and I was looking down on the scenery that I loved too much.

Ben Lomond - our view from where we stay in Scotland

Now to answer the burning questions of what will happen to Scottish Treasures and will it disappear overnight?  We have great plans in place.  Our website will be transferred to John and Mary Jo Mormon who have a shop very similar to ours.  John is Scottish and Mary Jo is Irish.  We met them about 15 years ago when they lived in California.  They helped us at a few of our Scottish Highland games working in the booth then moved to Virginia where they opened a shop and started doing Scottish games – sound familiar? They are very excited to be taking our website and filling orders with the same great products that you are all used too.  And rest assured, you will receive wonderful customer service. My mum will continue to make the bears that gave Scottish Treasures our start and those will still be available to order through the website as well!

I also have  plans to continue kilt fitting appointments so that you can still be measured for your custom kilt and select your accessories and design your own custom sporran.  Appointments with our team can be scheduled in all of Southern California.  We are busy training our long-time staff members (some have worked in our booth for over 25 years and in the shop for over 4 years -- they are very familiar with kilt fittings and measuring). 

As for me, my husband and I will fly off to Scotland sometime in late March.  I will find some new venture to keep me busy in addition to continuing with the kilt orders.  We would love to have a house that will allow us to rent out a room to people who are traveling in Scotland.  I have always wanted to plan trips for people who what to see what nature has to offer – easy hikes, beautiful walks, a castle here and there; Something with more of a personal touch rather than sitting in a bus for a week and realizing that you are stuck with the agenda given.  Please continue to watch for updates on my blog.  We will also have a new website at some point for our ventures and we will keep the name of Scottish Treasures going for years to come!

We thank all our wonderful customers for supporting this small family venture  over the last 30 plus years.  We are sure that we will see many of you again. Please stop by the shop before December 31st so we can see you one last time - or better yet join us in the shop around 4 p.m. on the 3st when we will toast the New Year in Scotland!


At the Ferry Landing - Annual Open House with all the kilted men.  Owner Jim Logan (left - deceased)

Photo on left - Dad (James Logan, deceased) along with our kilted friends and brother Stanley Logan (far right) at Open House, Ferry Landing.   Best dressed Mum and Daughter!


 Photo on right- Me and Mum at our best!  Winning the best dressed contest quite a few years ago.  

Other photos include me with my mum at the first event for Loganbearies in 1989 - Costa Mesa Games.  And the view of Ben Lomond taken from where we will be living in Scotland.  



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