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Spring Has Finally Come!

The Days are longer and the sky is blue - and finally the daffodils are showing themselves with their bright bobbing heads. Festivals are starting up again, people are delighted to once more get out, see old friends and share the happenings in their lives. Despite the price of gas we are all hitting the road for work or pleasure.

We are loving the upgrade to our Website. Hope you do too, and if you were customers of Tricia at Scottish Treasures we hope you will continue with us. I am still learning the ropes as it were, but I am having a great time learning this new skill.  And Don't forget you can always email or call us.  Its great to hear from you! We pride ourselves on customer service as well as sharing the occasional historical note or a good joke.

Meanwhile, we wish you all kinds of happiness & safe travels, and if you are in the area come in and say "Hi".




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